That's Quirky
  • ThatsQuirky: I love fresh cut flowers, but I also like the sustainability and beauty of house plants.  Adam bought this multi-sided pentagon shaped light fixture at a flea market last year and suggested we make it into a succulent terrarium. I’ve seen a lot of other cute versions online lately, so I totally agreed! Here’s how we made ours. 


    • Glass Vessel (like a fish bowl, vase or old light fixture)
    • Silicone Sealer 
    • Medium and small stones
    • Succulent Potting Soil
    • Small Succulent Plants

    1. Prep Your Container. We started out by removing the wiring and bulbs from our fixture. Next, you’ll need to make your container water tight.  If you use a vase or globe, you can skip this step, but if you’re converting a container like us, you’ll need to seal it first.  We used silicone to create our seal. In this case, we think more is better. Following the listed instructions, we let it cure for 24 hours.

    2. Layer in Rocks and Dirt.  We started with large pebbles, followed with smaller stones and then layered in our dirt to promote proper drainage.

    3. Get Planting!  We bought more plants than we could use. You’ll want to allow each plant room to spread out and grow. (We ended up doing an additional terrarium with a fish bowl we found at a garage sale!). We also opted to cover the top of our dirt with another layer of small stones.  Give your plants a good drink of water and enjoy your little eco system!