That's Quirky
  • ThatsQuirky: Since August, I’ve been loving my three times per week bootcamp sessions at Force Fitness. I’ve seen myself get so much stronger (I can do push ups! Squat with a 35lb kettle bell! Do a 60 second plank!!) and I’ve lost a little weight (around 5-6 lbs).  I love taking an hour to myself to focus on my health.  

    Early in December, I decided to do a fat screening and body movement assessment. I feel like I’m getting results and I’m certainly in the “healthy” range, but I want to take my fitness to the next level.  I also did a body fat ultrasound, which is as scary as it sounds.  The machine measures your body fat in four different places on your body (tricep, hip, thigh and belly). It was no surprise that I came in pretty low on the tricep, hip and thigh, but the belly… not so great. I hold all of my weight in that area and working out hasn’t brought out the six pack I’m striving for. 

    And that’s when my coach told me about the Whole 30 Challenge and the book It Starts with Food, which Adam and I are starting today. The idea is to eat real food and eliminate anything that might give your body inflamation or mess with the normal regulation of hormones (like insulin or lectin). I don’t want to call it a diet or a cleanse, because I’d like to start eating like this all of the time on a 90/10 schedule. So here’s what’s on the NO list for the next thirty days:

    • Sugar 
    • Alcohol
    • Legumes
    • Dairy
    • Grains

    God help us. No bread! No pasta! No bagels! No coffee with sugar and cream! No chili mac! And no beer during basketball season? This is one hell of a challenge! Here’s what our clean out looked like. 

    I threw out so much junk, which made my frugal side cringe. To be honest though, I didn’t throw out our craft beer or empty out our liquor cabinet though, but it’s firmly off limits. (And we’re collectors! Goose Island Bourbon County Stout is not easy to come by!!)

    So what am I hoping to gain? A lot. I’m hoping to see my abs at the end of this. I’d like to level out my mood swings and SADD. I want to get my sugar addiction under control. I’m hoping my skin clears up once and for all. Plus I’m learning to cook! And my practice meals have been really good! 

    I’ve heard such amazing results, especially from people who already work out and have healthy diets on going to the next level.  Have you ever done a #Whole30 challenge? Are you doing one now? I’d love to read your favorite recipes or any tips on getting over hurdles. Please comment and share!